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Boy my gotdamn strength muscles

Boy my gotdamn strength muscles

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Yung Pipeline



Yung Pipeline

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Yo, white people can get away with anything

It’s a gotdamn shame

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I don’t get how these lil niggas Rae Stremmurd are even hot

How you make a song called no flex zone when it’s a 3 minute flex??

How you make a song called No Type but then describe “bad bitches” as your type

I swear to god rap is dead as hell

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Delphox is so trash I wonder traded it and the guy tried desperately to trade it back

It was shiny, 6iv and had egg moves lmao

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Wondertrading shiny 6iv egg move Pokemon because eh

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My head is at the top of the bed and my feet are still hanging off -_-

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Fuckboy is the next meta word of tumblr

Right after aesthetic

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Professor said do a PowerPoint

I can’t eem read

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It’s funny in Friday because Craig needed $200, but got fired after picking up his paycheck on Thursday. Where did his money go??

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tubesock Tim, you should go into tags and fuck with people

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Shoutout to people who have to experience a menstrual cycle every month

I really don’t know how you do it

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Jfc we don’t hate Iggy Azelia because she’s a white rapper

We hate her because she’s an awful “rapper”

She just happens to be white

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*opens my glove compartment to show Dad my car fresheners*

*Charm’s bra is in there*

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