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What’s bad about the Blurred Lines lyrics?

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A beautiful sight

A beautiful sight

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I get so scared when I see cops

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I want an ‘86 Corvette

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What music do white people listen to when they have sex??

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A huge variety, but most importantly, shock tops 😎 copyrightchris

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Charm and I built our own 6 packs

On beer #2 and it’s getting good

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I dunno T_T hatachi-deshita

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Someone please find me the post where Wonder Woman is tweaking and someone commented “About a week agoooo”

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i’m trying to study in the car and this loser pulls up next to me

Lil B - Lil B

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Gotdamn 7

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what the heck

Check out this toy car


what the heck

Check out this toy car

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So that little asshole kid who murdered some of his classmates escaped from prison

I bet they bring him in alive though

I bet money he gets a gun, fires at the cops, injures one, and is still brought in alive

He’s captured and alive

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Anonymous said: Is there an article about the kid who killed his classmates and has now escaped prison?


He’s been caught, and he’s alive, sadly

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