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Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell like cats #carfinds

Surprisingly, it doesn’t smell like cats #carfinds

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I do 95% of my graphic design in MS Paint

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It’s funny because Phonte is one of the best rappers and he doesn’t even have to rhyme

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This picture has newfound use

This picture has newfound use

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She was right here in this same spot on my shoulder 2 months ago :/

She was right here in this same spot on my shoulder 2 months ago :/

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That white dude pretending to be black and y’all giving him all those millions of notes is a perfect example of how gullible you guys truly are lmfaooo

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Hate gets you nowhere

You gotta be positive


thank you pawsitive dog <3

You’re welcome, Lady of Reichenbach

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I have 21 beats ready and I want 9 more for this [as] tape, but I need as much support as possible. I would need you all to contact Adult Swim along with me and let them know, and maybe that’ll get them to listen :)

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I’m so on the fence when it comes to wigs/weave

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Being a black man in America is scary. If white people don’t kill you, the police will. And if not them, then your own brother will. Fuck this :/

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If you haven’t already listened/downloaded, here’s my 4th beat tape ‘phendrana drifts

Filled with beats and such. I dunno what to say besides thanks for even reading this :) I appreciate the support as I produce and move up in the ranks. Man, I can’t say thank you enough haha I’m just so happy to have people listen to my beats, I guess. Enjoy the music!

Thanks again! I appreciate you so much, and if you liked what you hear, give me a like, and maybe even a reblog.



If I’mma do this [as} tape I need for as many people to buy my last tape and support me. I’ll make it happen as long as there’s support. Thank you!!

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  • Has hotdog buns
  • No hotdogs
  • Has lunch meat
  • No bread

*Makes turkey sandwich on hotdog bun*

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People talk so much shit about me in barbershops

They forget to get their hair cut

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I’m definitely one of the prettiest ugly niggas of all time

I’m the strongest 7 you’ll ever meet

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See? I&#8217;m ugly as hell, but she&#8217;s cute
Need to start a squad with meetings and benefits for us ugly dudes

See? I’m ugly as hell, but she’s cute

Need to start a squad with meetings and benefits for us ugly dudes

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