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Sunday Aug 8 @ 10:48pm with 1 note

Finally got my room lit perfectly

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*ruins Charm’s life*

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*gets paycheck*

*pays debt*


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Gonna write a Long Distance Relationship Success story eventually

To give hope to all those people who think the distance makes it hopeless

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You taste like McDonalds 4 word story Friday Aug 8 @ 09:26pm with 8 notes
Gonna marry this woman

Gonna marry this woman

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I haven’t been to the gym in months, but my gains never left *flexes*

Thursday Aug 8 @ 10:42pm with 6 notes
I predict

A ghost vs skeleton war on tumblr come Halloween

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staff stop recommending me to follow these garbage blogs

My blog is wack enough as it is

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Girl: You never talk to me

Me: image

Girl: I’m pregnant

Me: image

Girl: You wanna have sex??

Me: image

Thursday Aug 8 @ 05:42pm with 81 notes

This is not a black or white thing. This is an issue with the fucking police of America shooting unarmed CHILDREN. The kid was depressed and the fucking murdered him.

Thursday Aug 8 @ 02:10pm with 1 note
Ottawa Police Shoot Unarmed Teen 16 Times While Family Begs Them Not To

What the fuck is going on with police in this country?? This kid was already going through shit, and you murder him. How the hell can we change this?

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Lookin at this news

Ion’t give a fuck bout Joan RIvers

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