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I wish I could help people who are easily triggered. Hiding from your problems only let’s them manifest into fear that can’t be helped. I don’t want you to expect trigger warnings. I want you to expect to be stronger than you were the previous day. Life is about upward growth, and I want you to be able to grow with me.

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I only date girls with du-rag lines on her forehead, sorry

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I’m so scared for future generations

We just get weaker and weaker as time passes by

Soon enough it’ll be socially acceptable to be afraid of your own shadow

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People feed off of attention, positive or otherwise.

Wanna know how easily they do it?

Step 1: Make a blog

Step 2: Dis anyone (e.g posts that say “I hate niggers)

Step 3: Attention, thousands of notes, and a lot of angry people.

Lesson: Thats exactly what they wanted. Stop buying into those stupid posts that say “I hate niggers”. They do it purely to make you mad or get attention. Usually both. You buying into it is wasting your time. I don’t want you to waste your time on someone so stupid anyway. Don’t waste your time :)

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The fact that I saw this multiple times on my newsfeed is just proof that people are fucking idiots

The fact that I saw this multiple times on my newsfeed is just proof that people are fucking idiots

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My apple got the fatty

My apple got the fatty

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I never understood Planned Parenthood

Cuz I never met nobody planned to be a parent in the hood


Refills of that plan b pill

Another shorty that won’t make it to the family will

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Every light skin dude with braids looks like he’s in Bone Thugs n Harmony

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It’s cool having a friend who shares a similar interest in women. You’re always on the same lage

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Stop writing your pseudo-inspirational poetry crap on bathroom stalls. Someone has to scrub that off. Write it on a blog or something.

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There are few things more attractive than a woman who can dress herself well on a daily basis

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Soulja Boy is niiiice

If you don’t believe me listen to the Pass it to Arab insyrimental

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I’m so tired of seeing frat boys in t shirts and athletic shorts

I’m so sick of seeing girls in leggings and hoodies

I guess in just grouchy about this today 😒

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Shout out to the black and international student on campus

You guys dress so well, and everyone else sucks

The international students have so much class

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